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Gardening for everyone

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) says horticulture plays a vital role for the wellbeing of the UK population . 

“There is growing confidence that gardening and horticulture can make a real impact on the treatment of diabetes and obesity,” said Ms Biggs, adding that money spent on tackling these health issues could be spent on encouraging people to take up a healthier lifestyle. 

Redbourn in Bloom

Enhancing our village

A good flower display lifts everyone’s spirits. Redbourn currently holds silver gilt standard Award by Anglia in Bloom, not just for its public flowers but also for many related activities.
Redbourn in Bloom Horticultural Society is affiliated to the RHS. We organise the “Grand Autumn Show”. We are an active and friendly group who enjoy lots of events, talks and trips throughout the year, including an annual short holiday in May. We have a highly-valued band of volunteers who help with our planting schemes and assist at our events.

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Redbourn Allotment Association

RAA has an ambitious target to ensure all 80 plots on the three allotment sites in Redbourn are fully occupied by residents of the village.

Quite a lot of properties in the village have very small or no garden so it is surprising that we still have quite a number of vacant plots. Currently we are engaged on developing raised beds so people with a disability can enjoy allotment gardening.

These beds will be accessible by wheelchair. We aim to be fully inclusive and welcome members from all the elements of Redbourn society.

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