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High levels of anxiety and stress have many causes and even more solutions. 

Those who are stressed go into a state of high alert – ‘fight, flight, freeze or even flop’, as their nervous system dissociates from what their subconscious believes is an unsafe situation.

When very anxious, people become very ungrounded and “zoned out”.  This means that a person who is stressed is less able to focus on their work and more likely to be triggered by what is going on around them.

Anxiety and trauma can come from many places, for example:

  • They are being overwhelmed by the external or even internal experiences.
  • When your challenge is greater than your skill level.  
  • Birth and pre-birth experiences. 
  • Post-birth experiences. We all have these, and some are more meaningful than others.
  • We can even catch anxiety off of others

To reduce your anxiety people need to find that nourishing feeling for themselves, that creates safety, enabling you to be fulling in their body, for example:

  • Grounding, centering, earthing (as some prefer to call it) or Weighted blankets
  • Nose/belly breathing
  • Music and maybe the sound of the ocean
  • Touch (firm or light as preferred) 
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Heart emotions of gratitude, compassion and appreciation
  • Smile and move your body in a happy way
  • Help them to shift scary stuff as young as possible, with techniques like NLP and EFT.

Some techniques


A really useful tool to reduce anxiety is to improve your grounding and breathing.  Listen to Olive’s week 6 video for Live Well with AiR.

Breathing 101

Grounding for health and Wellbeing

Recover your Energy

When you are anxious, it is very common to feel exhausted.  There are meditative energy processes you can use to clear you energy.  Find out more from Olive’s week 9 video for Live Well with AiR.

A video of 2 chapters of Olive’s book Recover your Energy.  

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