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The Redbourn Conkerthon

An Ancient Game

Conkers Active in Redbourn
Conkers is a traditional children’s game played with horse chestnuts. Although originating as a children’s game conkers  now attracts all ages. There are several conker tournaments throughout the UK with the World Conkers Championshipsat the pinnacle. In the game, two players take turns attempting to smash each other’s conker using a string or shoelace. The player with the intact or undamaged conker after a series of matches is declared the winner. Conkers is popular in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, especially during the autumn season when horse chestnuts are collected. This Autumn will see the fourth Redbourn Conkerthon.

Annual Event

Redbourn Conkerthon

The Redbourn Conkerthon is a family fun day out. It takes place every year on Redbourn Common in September just as chestnut trees are producing fruit. Created and managed by Active in Redbourn 100’s of enthusiasts arrive from miles around to become conkerthon champions. It is open to all ages with separate prize categories. As well as playing conkers there are other games of skill

Officially Recognised

Conkers Active in Redbourn

The Redbourn Conkerthon has been given official recognition. It is strictly operated under the conker playing rules. To avoid cheating, all conkers are supplied by the organisers.  

Family Fun For All Ages

Conkerthon Junior Winners

The games take the form of a knockout competition following the strict rules of the game.  The last two entrants in each category play a final to become champion, a position they hold until next year’s event. 

The Prizes

  • Overall Redbourn Conker Champion 2019
  • Runner Up
  • Third Place
  • Senior (over 65) Champion
  • Junior (under 12)
  • Champion
  • Junior Runner Up

The Rules

The rules for playing conkers can vary slightly depending on personal preferences, but here is a general guideline:

  1. Each player should have a conker (a horse chestnut) with a small hole drilled or pierced through the middle for threading a string or shoelace.
  2. Players take turns, one at a time.
  3. The first player holds their conker in one hand while the other player holds their own conker with the string or lace wrapped around their hand.
  4. The player with the conker held in hand swings it downwards with the intention of hitting their opponent’s conker.
  5. The aim is to strike the opponent’s conker forcefully enough to break it.
  6. Players alternate turns until one conker is destroyed or damaged.
  7. If the attacking player’s conker breaks the opponent’s conker, they earn a point.
  8. The player with the winning conker now becomes the attacker in the next round.
  9. If the attacker’s conker misses or doesn’t break the opponent’s conker, they still retain the attacking role for the next round.
  10. Players can choose to skip turns if they do not want to attack or if their conker is significantly damaged.

Remember, it’s essential to follow safety precautions while playing conkers to avoid any accidents. Young children should be supervised, and protective eyewear is also recommended.