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Nutrition, Vitamins and Herbs for a healthy body


“We are what we eat” so it is very important to understand how food effects our whole body.  Live well with AiR has been fortunate to be able to offer several videos from two Nutritionalists and a GP, with homeopathy, vitamin and herbal skills.  Here you can access their important sessions:

Sammy is currently a student of world-renowned @MacNutrition. An Economics graduate turned Level 3 Personal Trainer, she turned her love for health, fitness and wellbeing into a career, to share that passion and knowledge for all things nutrition! Taking an empowering, empathetic, evidence-based and collaborative approach to coaching, her goal is to help people take charge of their own nutrition, so their health and wellbeing can thrive.


Katherine Horstmann is a Nutritional Therapist who helps mums who are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress and general overwhelm, to feel more like themselves again.  After managing to transform her own mental health, she uses her own personal experiences, nutritional and lifestyle strategies to deliver personalised solutions  that help women remember “what good felt like”. 

Vitamins and Supplements

Dr. Mike Cannell, shares with Olive Hickmott some of his years of expertise.  Mike is a private doctor, specialising in Integrated medicine, nutritional medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture. This topic is about Vitamins and supplements. Contact details:

Week 8 Live Well with AiR video 


Herbal remedies

Dr. Mike Cannell,  shares with Olive Hickmott some of his years of expertise in herbal medicine.  

Week 10 Live Well with Air video