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Running is one of the best activities for good health and wellbeing. It is for all ages and abilities. From steady one-mile jogs to regular road runs and occasional marathons running has become a vital activity for many. For the most part running is very cheap to participate in. Apart from good running shoes no special equipment is required.  Joining a regular running group will help you start, set personal  targets and make new friends.

The NHS says running burns more calories than any other mainstream exercise.

Regular running can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.  It can also boost your mood and keep your weight under control.  

Love running? Love Redbourn? 

Run Redbourn! is a running group based in Redbourn, Hertfordshire. We have runs to suit all abilities at many different times during the week. 

We are a Run & Talk running group. This means we promote the power of running for improving mental health as well as physical health. We have 6 Mental Health Champions who run wearing a red ‘run and talk’ wristband. One run per month will be designated an official ‘run and talk’ run. 

Contact Details

Rachel Mackie – Group Leader – 07881907358

For latest information and run details, please search Run Redbourn! on Facebook

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