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Personal Safety for Walkers and Hikers from Active In Redbourn

How to Keep Safe while walking or hiking

Personal safety for walkers and hikers

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a walk or hike in the UK or abroad. But should never underestimate the possible dangers involved. Whether you’re strolling on the outskirts of town or hiking in the highlands, it’s important to be aware of your personal safety.

Tips for keeping yourself safe when walking or hiking

  • Check out your route before you leave.
  • Make sure someone is aware when you plan to be back and where you are going.
  • Wear suitable clothing and comfortable, sturdy walking boots.
  • Take a map and know how to read it.
  • Check out the weather forecast and be prepared.
  • Pack a rucksack with adequate water, first aid kit, something to suck, sun cream and hat in warm weather, spare socks, insect repellent.
  • For a longer route, plan to stop at a pub/café for rest and refreshment.
  • Carry a charged mobile phone, there may be poor coverage in remote hilly areas.
  • Don’t tackle a 6-mile hike if you are not an experienced walker.
  • Make your route manageable. Check for steep inclines. Look up short cuts just in case.
  • Avoid using headphones to listen to music if this stops you from remaining alert.
  • Keep to the Highway Code when walking on roads, use a pavement/pathway if there is one.
  • Cross at designated points, keep to the right facing oncoming traffic.
  • Cross to the other side when on sharp right-hand bends.
  • Traffic on country roads may be moving fast so be more aware.
  • Follow the country code, use footpaths, close gates behind you, don’t pick wild flowers and don’t pick from hedgerows unless it is a few berries.
  • Keep dogs on leads near livestock particularly in calving season when cows can be aggressive.
  • For walking/hiking in very remote areas take additional precautions. Check with local wardens and tourist offices before you set off.
  • Especially when in hot destinations be aware of local forest fires. Always check with tourist offices or local news before setting off.