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A Good Night's Sleep is Essential for Your Wellbeing

The stages of a good night's sleep

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Sleep restores the body

The diagram shows a typical good night’s 7-hour sleep that is so restorative when you have a mixture of deep, restorative sleep and dreaming / REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, with a gentle progression between them.  

In REM sleep,  it is important to have continuity in your environment e.g. consistent lighting, temperature and noise. If everything is the same when you re-enter REM sleep, you will drop into deeper sleep once more without waking. If things are different you will awake in an alert state to explore the difference, ruining your good night’s sleep.  

Deep sleep enables your body to restore and according to recent research “washes” your brain from the day’s activities.

If you snore you are unlikely to be able to retain this flow, waking you and your partner up at random times during the night. Keeping your mouth shut and sleeping on your side minimises snoring. For more information on snoring click here