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Redbourn Gym Re-opens Better than Ever

Update from Redbourn Recreation Centre & Playing Fields Trust

Good news as we pleased to announce that our new gym is opening from Wednesday 6th October.

Open hours are: Mon-Fri 7.00-21.00 Sat- Sun 8.00-15.00

Members will need to check in at the reception with EveryoneActive.

The new gym has more space for free exercise and free weights and more gym equipment to support our community needs. We look forward to seeing members and welcoming new members who wish to join through our partners, EveryoneActive.

Whilst our original plans to extend the overall facilities have been impacted by COVID and Junior Elite Tennis have not been able to pursue their venture with us, we have been able to continue to look at other developments and changes which we are in the process of finalising. We plan to provide more information on these plans during November. Thanks for your continued support.