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The Redbourn Conkerthon 2019

Entry Form

How To enter

  • The main competition is open to everyone aged 12+.
  • The entry fee is £4.00 per person.
  • Numbers are limited, so book early.
  • Use the entry form  
  • Or email your details to
  • Or call/text 07770 863864 with your details

I would like to enter Conkerthon 2019

The Prizes

  • Overall Redbourn Conker Champion 2019
  • Runner Up
  • Third Place
  • Senior (over 65) Champion
  • Junior (under 12)
  • Champion
  • Junior Runner Up

The Rules

  • World Conker Championship Rules apply.
  • Supplied threaded conkers must be used.
  • Contestants can choose their preferred conker.
  • Five minute matches take place in designated Conker Rings.
  • A match is won when one player destroys the other player’s conker.
  • Matches lasting more than 5 minute move to a ‘penalty shoot out’.
  • The winning player moves onto the next round.